OneChronos Global Crossing network POPs

Fair and Intelligent Financial Markets

OneChronos uses AI powered auctions to find the mutually beneficial order matching opportunities missed by conventional trading paradigms. We're starting with US equities.

Matching Evolved

Combinatorial Call Auctions

OneChronos uses short duration combinatorial call auctions to match buyers and sellers in a pure agency capacity.

Combinatorial auctions let market participants express contingencies between and constraints on how their orders are matched. It's a better way of accomplishing what algorithmic, block, and program trading does today.

Combinatorial Call Auctions
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Combinatorial matching allows for outcomes that can reduce market impact, improve TCA metrics, and increase liquidity.

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Use match constraints to eliminate legging risk, opportunistically net down hedged positions, and minimize information leakage.

Fair, Universal Access

Globally Distributed Trading

Globally distributed network

We're building the first truly universal trading venue. OneChronos is deploying points of presence (POPs) for order entry and market data distribution around the globe. Our unique order entry paradigm and distributed systems IP uses high precision timestamping to render competition over proximity, network routes, and market data handling moot. Aside from ending a costly arms race, our distributed approach enables combinatorial trading across all geographies and asset classes.

Next Generation Electronic Trading

The Computational Order

Algorithmic Proxy Bidders

Eliminate the market event loop by running snippets of code inside our venue as part of the matching process. Achieve deterministic outcomes without costly low latency infrastructure. Build sophisticated strategies in minutes instead of months. Reduce implementation risks.

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Electronic Trading 2.0

Zero adoption costs. Enormous upsides.

Backward compatible

Backward Compatible

Core functionality without workflow changes.

Lowest cost

Lowest Cost

More cost effective for participants by every measure.

Highest opportunity

Highest Opportunity

Trade in ways that aren't possible today.

Industry driven

Industry Driven

Built by practitioners, for practitioners.

Truly universal

Truly Universal

Our paradigm works for every market participant, asset class, and geography.

Game changing

Game Changing

Embrace a new standard - not a new venue.