A new trading venue that will improve your bottom line.

Trading is too expensive. We'll make it cheaper.

Outdated market mechanics and increasing costs make it hard to bring buyers and sellers together. We're building the world's most sophisticated trading venue to revolutionize the efficiency of the trading process.

Less Plumbing

OneChronos gives you the best features of low latency trading - rapid response to information - without the need for expensive infrastructure, software, and operations.

Better Market Structure

Our matching mechanism and order types are designed from the ground up to improve liquidity, price discovery, and participation.

Free, Transparent Access

Our technology is built for operational efficiency and transparency. Accessing our venue and data feeds is simple and free; you only pay for what you trade.

A smarter market offering new ways to trade.

By running your trade execution logic directly on the venue, we offer the ultimate in precision and flexibility.

Zero-Latency market access

Run code snippets and specify constraints directly inside the matching engine. Low-latency trading approximates this behavior. Our Computational Orders ™ create it explicitly, enabling new types of trading in the process.

Trade across symbols

Buy, sell, or spread two or more symbols (and eventually asset classes: "buy option-A AND sell underlying-A"). This eliminates the risk of unwanted partial fills and unexpected net execution prices.

Synchronize multiple actions

Configure behaviors across separate orders for better risk control and precision: "if order 8 fills, then cancel orders 6 and 7."

Trade more electronically

Use computational orders to do more OTC business faster. Their flexibility helps you move trading off of phones and into the electronic era for better deal throughput and operational efficiency.

Liquidity by design.

We use sophisticated techniques from algorithmic game theory, machine learning, and cryptography to unlock mutually beneficial trades that couldn't be discovered otherwise.

  • Seller

    “I have 200,000 shares I'd love to passively get rid of, but I don't want to advertise that. I'd happily sell them at today's average price (VWAP).

  • Buyer

    “I need to buy 100,000 shares, which is a lot relative to the average daily volume. So I'll have to trade it slowly over 3 days, using execution algorithms.”

A lot of opportunities are missed because exchanges evolved to find the fastest match, not the best match. OneChronos enables buyers and sellers to better express their interest, discover each other anonymously, and coordinate without leaking information.

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